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Episode 32



Merry Christmas if you celebrate! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone! If you discover something cool (or confirm something you had a hunch about) please share with us below!

What are you planning to work on in your TPT store in January 2024?

@SEOTpreneur – Sun Dec 23, 2023(edited)

Reply from @paulaplumer5091

Posting more product bundles

@paulaplumer5091 – Sat Dec 30, 2023


MIKE!!! Good stuff! Keep up the good work…!!!! Happy Holidays!

@cuatrojibaro – Tue Dec 26, 2023

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

Hey buddy! Thanks and Happy Holidays to you as well! Are you a New Year’s resolution kind of person, or do you set goals throughout the year?

See you in the next comment! Cheers, Mike

@SEOTpreneur – Sat Dec 30, 2023


Thank you Mike!

@meszaroszsuzska – Wed Dec 27, 2023

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

My pleasure! Have you made any cool discoveries yet with your data?

Hope the holiday season is treating you well. Happy New Year to you and your people!

See you in the next comment! Cheers, Mike

@SEOTpreneur – Sat Dec 30, 2023


Love these improvements to the free tool! It’s so easy to see which products are bringing in the most revenue on TPT with the Strategy Friend 80/20 tab. Happy New Year, Mike!

@paulaplumer5091 – Sat Dec 30, 2023

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

Hey Paula, thanks for letting me know which features you find useful with the free seller tool. It helps with developing new features! See you in the next comment! Cheers, Mike

@SEOTpreneur – Sun Jan 14, 2023