There’s this idea out there in TPT land that a ten percent review rate on your TPT products is typical.

This means one out of every ten resources you sell gets a review.

Is that realistic?

Does the ten percent review rate apply to high school teachers as well as elementary teachers?

We can use the visuals in the (free) advanced version of the TPT Seller Data Tool.

Let’s test this theory!

  1. Get a free copy of the google sheet by signing up for the SEOTpreneur email newsletter.
  2. Upload your TPT Product Stats CSV data. (Watch this video tutorial.)
  3. Click on the “10x Dashboard” tab at the bottom of the Google Sheet.
  4. The TPT Seller “10x Dashboard” will show you your
    • Overall TPT Store Review Rate
    • Your Paid TPT Products Review Rate
    • Your Free TPT Products Review Rate
  5. Submit your review rate using this Google Form.
  6. Look at the results below. (The results are probably cached and not live.)
  7. Wonder why your results are the same / different from others.

RESULTS: Average TPT Seller Review Rate