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Episode 31



PS: This YouTube channel is a side hustle for my side hustle, so I only get to respond to YouTube comments on the weekends. See you in the next comment!

Let’s crowd source and see what percentage of our products are the “vital few” producing 80% of our income. 1) Find the last green bar in your 80/20 chart. 2) Leave a comment with the 80/20 sentence beside it. For example, my sentence from the start of the video (0:00) would be… 6 of my resources (3%) account for 76% of my earnings.

Then check out how you compare with other TPT Sellers who have also shared their 80/20 sentences: https://afreesellertool.com/tpt-seller-data/80-20-rule/

@SEOTpreneur – Sat Dec 9, 2023 (edited)


Thanks for this great video and for the positive impact you’re having on our community! 75 (17%) of my resources account for 80% of my income. Interestingly, 2% account for 32% of my income. Love those 2%! 🙂

@teachietings – Sun Dec 10, 2023

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

Hey @teachietings – thanks for leaving a public comment and showing other TPT Sellers it’s okay to play! (Also, thank you for the pick-me-up boost about the positive impact this movement is having on our TPT Seller community. I appreciate the feedback)

I was supposed to be working on my TPT store. Instead, I decided to procrastinate and play with data!

Your comment inspired me to see if we could crowd source and do more public research: https://afreesellertool.com/tpt-seller-data/80-20-rule/

Out of curiosity, is that 2% accounting for 32% of your income your top line? (I think I might start a separate bonus question looking at the impact our best seller has on our bottom line.) My top resource – 1 of my resources (1%) account for 32% of my earnings – and I love it as well.

What do you think leads to that one product being a third of revenue? Mine is probably from all the TPT ads I run, and then it’s just starting to slowly snowball (hopefully!)

See you in the next comment! Cheers, Mike

@SEOTpreneur – Sun Dec 10, 2023


I think that my store may be an outlier, based on conversations that I’ve had with other sellers before about this very topic. Using your spreadsheet, 356 (36%) of my resources account for 80% of my TPT income. I’ve been selling on the site for 6.5 years and have a lot of products (1400). I tend to sell small amounts of many products each month. I do not have certain products that dominate my sales at all.

@susanbondy7353 – Sat Dec 9, 2023

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

Hi @susanbondy7353 Thanks for sharing your numbers – I find them fascinating! (I’m probably an outlier as well, but in the opposite direction. I only have a handful of resources that produce the bulk of my sales.)

1400 products is crazy impressive! How do you find the time to make product cover changes or test new ideas with TPT product descriptions?

(Out of curiosity, do you have bundles? I’m a little surprised that bundles aren’t forming the bulk of your sales. I wonder why that might be. Any thoughts?)

See you in the next comment! Cheers, Mike

@SEOTpreneur – Sat Dec 9, 2023


Boom! This is great tips. Many thanks but can you please explore other sheet that had on there. I am highly interested to know how they work. Please make a video about it.

@morgantat7163 – Sun Dec 10, 2023

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

Hi @morgantat7163 thanks for leaving a comment and welcome to the SEOTpreneur YouTube community! There are 4 other videos about using the FREE TPT Seller Data Tool in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKSPtoE0d4M&list=PLr0-b6b5mkYtr_WRd2xTCIkUKmZuV3Ewc

Out of curiosity, what was your 80/20 sentence when you used the google sheet? See you in the next comment! Cheers, Mike

@SEOTpreneur – Sun Dec 10, 2023

Reply from @morgantat7163

@SEOTpreneur Hi Mike, I will play around your playlist to explore the sheet that will help my TPT business. I am so beginer in TPT and learning from many of you but on 80/20 section there I see some of my product that was tough without this sheet. You did awesome job and keep teaching us.

@morgantat7163 – Sun Dec 10, 2023


Thanks for this very cool tool! Nine of my resources (9%) account for 80% of my earnings. I’m noticing the majority of the nine resources are bundles

@paulaplumer5091 – Sun Dec 10, 2023

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

Hey Paula, thanks for sharing your numbers! It makes sense that bundles are our money makers. My best sellers are bundles. (I think @matemaths are not)

Out of curiosity what’s the top line of your 80:20 sentences? What percent of your TPT earnings are produced by your top selling product?

See you in the next comment! Cheers, Mike

@21stcenturyteachereducircl38 – Sun Dec 10, 2023

Reply from paulaplumer5091

50% of my earnings are generated by one product. That product is currently not part of any bundle. That will change on Thursday when I post it as part of my complete curriculum bundle.

@paulaplumer5091 – Tue Dec 12, 2023


Hello Mike! Thanks for this great tool.
55 of my resources (29%) account for 80% of my earnings.
38 of my resources (20%) account for 70% of my earnings.
1 of my resources (1%) account for 12% of my earnings (best seller).

@StephenNellyNketsiah – Mon Dec 11, 2023(edited)

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

Hi @StephenNellyNketsiah – I love that you think this is a great tool! Thanks for sharing your data with us. I’ve added it to the crowdsourcing research question here.

I think this might be your first comment on our channel? If so, welcome to the SEOTpreneur YouTube community! Out of curiosity, is your best seller a bundle?

See you in the next comment! Cheers, Mike

@SEOTpreneur – Tue Dec 19, 2023

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

@SEOTpreneur – Yes this is my first comment but I have been following this channel for a while now.
And yes my best-seller is a bundle. However, it’s the 6th best-selling product depending on units sold.

@StephenNellyNketsiah – Tue Dec 19, 2023


Mike, this is excellent! Will definitely be putting this to good use. Thanks so much!

@RapOperaCentral – Mon Dec 11, 2023

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

My pleasure! Once you figure out your 80:20 sentence can you come back and leave a comment with your sentence? We’re trying to crowd source some data here to help all TPT sellers. Hope things are well.

(By the way, we’ve gamified and upgraded our SEOTpreneur PRO network. It now includes a 30 min onboarding welcome call with me where we can look at SEMRUSH data or play with the google sheet tool)

See you in the next comment! Cheers, Mike

@SEOTpreneur – Sun Dec 10, 2023


LOVE this new upgrade to the Free Seller Tool:
I’ve been selling for 11 years, so that definitely skews my results.
My bestseller accounts for 26% of my lifetime earnings (!!)..in fairness, I published it in 2013.
20% of my 104 resources account for 82% of my lifetime earnings

This “generic” rule is definitely true for my store. Like someone else said, most of those top 20% products are bundles, and also older products…some of which I haven’t updated in years! cringes

I’m wondering if I can apply the 80/20 rule somehow to the sales data spreadsheet, so if I only want to work with the last 5 years of data (because TPT is an entirely different place than it was in 2012-2015), I could see what’s working more recently?

Also, please take a weekend off from answering comments sometime. You deserve the break. 🙂

@mrsjinthelibrary – Wed Dec 13, 2023(edited)

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

Hi @mrsjinthelibrary , the first thing I did after I read your comment today was take a break! 😂

Thank you for the reminder, lol. I work very odd hours because I chat with people around the world. So, I have to remember to take breaks between calls and work sprints. On weekends, I set aside time to work on the YouTube channel and play with data. But I still have to remember to take breaks because I like the computer stuff. Getting code to work is one of my happy places!

(Out of curiosity, are you still in the classroom, or is TPT your full-time gig now? What habits and routines have you built to maintain TPT sanity?)

Thanks a lot for sharing your numbers and experience. It’s super helpful, especially with your decade-long track record on TPT. I’ve added your stats to the crowdsourcing research project:

Your idea about doing an 80/20 analysis on the sales data CSV is a good one. I’ve added it to the wishlist.

The next feature on the free TPT Seller Data Tool to be released is the ability to compare conversion rates before and after a point in time (by uploading three separate product stats CSV files.)

The challenge is that the Google Sheet tool becomes increasingly complex as I add more features and abilities into it.

I’m thinking about putting a free, super simple version as a TPT product. It would just have the TPT product stats CSV tab, which is relatively easy to upload. Then, by clicking the filters, you can quickly see color-sorted views of your data.

No frills, no links, just a straightforward, stand-alone freebie.

The public-facing download stats on the product page would give TPT (and everyone who looks at the product page) an idea of how much demand there is (or isn’t) for this kind of feature in the real TPT Seller dashboard.

I’d have to add a preview video of how to use the tool (either as a TPT product preview on the freebie using the quick edit workaround or as a free TPT video product type.)

As someone who has
(1) been selling on TPT since before 2013 and
(2) also uses the free google sheet tool,

what do you think of this idea of posting a super simple Google Sheet version of the TPT seller data tool as a freebie on TPT?

No rush in resonding. (Also, anyone else reading this comment thread is welcome to add their thoughts, pros or cons!)

Feel free to leave a public response, send a private email to [email protected] or not respond at all! We all work on our TPT stores at different times!

See you in the next comment! Cheers, Mike

@SEOTpreneur – Sat Dec 16, 2023


Thanks for this great tool, Mike. For me, it’s 23 of my resources (10%) account for 80% of my earnings, and a few of them are seasonal ones!

@mathbysadia – Sat Dec 16, 2023

Reply from @SEOTpreneur

Hi @mathbysadia – thanks for the feedback! And, thanks for sharing your data. I’ve added it to the crowdsourcing research here.

See you in the next comment! Cheers, Mike

@SEOTpreneur – Tue Dec 19, 2023


This tool is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing it with us for free instead of putting useful seller tools behind a paywall. 31 of my resources (20%) account for 80% of my earnings. My best seller accounts for 16%.

@jannahhotchkiss3648 – Wed Dec 20, 2023

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@SEOTpreneur – Sun Dec 10, 2023


This is great! Thanks a lot

@netspacearts3301 – Tue Dec 19, 2023

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@SEOTpreneur – Tue Dec 19, 2023


Thanks for this tool! 52 of my resources (20%) account for 80% of my earnings.

@eacherwriterco – Wed Jan 03, 2024

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