Most TPT Sellers I know are constantly tweaking their product titles, covers, thumbnails, and product descriptions to try to increase TPT earnings.

How do you know what to fix on your TPT store?

We can use our TPT Product Stats CSV file to see what to improve in our TPT stores.

Here’s a free TPT Data tool to colour code your data. (Fix the stuff in red. The instructions PDF and video explain how to fix your TPT products)

The problem with the TPT Product Stats CSV is that it only shows lifetime stats. 

If your product has been around for a while, then you may not be able to see an improvement in the overall stats.

Why? Because any improvements will be hidden by the large numbers.

No worries. We can use three Product Stats CSV files to see if the changes you made to your TPT product actually made a difference.

Save a Product Stats CSV file:

  1. before you make a change to your product, 
  2. the day you make a change, and
  3. after you make a change.

Then use the ABC tool google sheet to compare statistics before and after your change.

(It’s also called the ABCD tool because sometimes, we use a fourth TPT Product Stats CSV file to compare two different time periods. Like sales this year and sales last year.)

How do I get the ABCD tool?

As soon as we get 4,000 watch hours (in the last 365 days) on the YouTube channel, the ABCD tool will be available FOR FREE as part of the Advanced TPT Data tool.

Until then, a sneak peek version of the ABCD tool is available as the bonus file in the TPT Seller Ultimate Bundle.